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Surgery Animation
iCount Surgical Safety System
Our Brief

We teamed up with iCount Surgical Safety System to create an explainer animation to show their new invention which helps to minimise the risks around surgical swabs at childbirth. The aim of the explainer animation was to get across the scale of the problem, the impact it has, the costs associated with it and how the solution could help with all these aspects.

Surgery Animation

For this explainer animation we worked closely with the customer on developing a script. We then worked on a style sheet and storyboard to help to visualise how it would come together. Once this was signed off we moved onto motion graphics animation to help the video really come to life as well as recording a professional voice over to help tell the story of the video. Finally we added subtitles to the video to help viewers to take in information.

Our head of animation and professional doodler Jamie said:

iCount Surgical Safety System falls into the category of favourite subjects because it is an opportunity to learn on top of designing. I had never even known that these issues about swabs were a thing so figuring out how to properly represent the idea was a fun one! Plus; it had its moments as one of the team is a little squeamish to the sight of blood which there was not getting away from to fully understand the project. We managed to receive very high praise from the client which to us is a job well done in our books. We hope that it helps push their ideas and business into the direction they wish to go and that we'll be seeing a product from them very soon!"

So there you have it - an explainer animation that brings a new product to live and to the marketplace.

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