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Health and Safety Videos
Walsall College
Our Brief

To make health and safety videos for students and staff to increase consistency and save time - the ultimate goal is to improve health and safety as well as ensuring the organisation is compliant.

Walsall College needed four health and safety videos; one each for the Hawbush, Green Lane, Wisemore and Portland Street Campuses. These would be to show to staff and students as a quick and efficient way to instil the health and safety protocols.

Walsall College is uniquely and proudly vocational, delivering technical, professional and community education. Its vision is to provide students with an excellent learning experience, education and skills development to support them into higher levels of study and jobs.

Our Video

The problem that Walsall College faced was that they needed a consistent and branded message to be shown across their campuses with up to date information after their 2019 health and safety videos.

The impact of not having up to date information in this instance can mean old health and safety practises are followed. With an ever changing campus, this could potentially lead to an accident. Another potential negative impact was that Walsall College would have to spend a large amount of time presenting to students and a health and safety video would be the perfect way to save that time.

To tackle this problem, we created four health and safety videos to be shown across the different Walsall College campuses. The filming element was actually made slightly complicated by the arrival of a little known pandemic, meaning that we had to spread out the filming days over a number of weeks.

The beginning of each video needed an identical animation to maintain the consistency of the messaging, changing only the name of each campus.

We proceeded to film each area of each campus to match up with the script and directive that Walsall College had given us in our project meetings.

It was important for the video to be as accessible as possible, so we sourced a BSL Signer for those with hearing impairments.

Sarah Williams from Stone’s Throw Media said:

“We were happy to create various health and safety videos for Walsall College, as it could inform any new people of precautions to take in case of an emergency. On this project there was a lot of collaboration with our animation team, to demonstrate certain aspects the college wanted to highlight that we weren’t able to capture on camera.”

Do you have any video ideas for your organisation? Is your health and safety messaging in need of an update? Whatever your video or animation needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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