KEEN Animation & Motion Graphics Video

KEEN West Midlands - Animation & Motion Graphics Video
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

Unique to the West Midlands, KEEN is designed to help SMEs in the region increase their profitability and achieve growth through working with a regional university.

By working with a university your business will gain: a graduate (known as an Affiliate) working full-time on a bespoke project within your business continuing support from a nominated university liaison officer ongoing mentoring and support from university experts for the Affiliate, ensuring that project objectives are met access to an equipment and travel budget (worth on average £4,000).

The Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Network (KEEN) is a new graduate recruitment programme, part-funded by ERDF, designed to give bright and ambitious graduates a platform to launch their careers, while gaining sought-after experience. It is a three-way relationship between a graduate (Affiliate), a company and a university; and can last between 6 to 21 months.

If you want the chance to use your degree and have ownership of your work, while earning a regular salary, then KEEN is the perfect opportunity for you.

Our Video

This animation & motion graphics video for the KEEN project, based in the West Midlands informs students about how KEEN can help them. We used a combination of tailor made graphics, 2d animations, sound effects, voice over & music to achieve the end result of the video. Have a browse to see how the project developed with some of the animations, motion graphics & the video itself.


See how the animation & motion graphics video was made with the above progress video.

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