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Khaos Cloud
Our Brief

Keeping an eye on every facet of a business can be a challenge - which is why we created an animated video production for a piece of software which does exactly that!

The “Khaos Cloud” programme is a cloud based ERP (“enterprise resource planning”) tool created and produced by Keystone Software Development Ltd based in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

With its tagline of “Cloud ERP software that puts you in control”, the Khaos Cloud has been specifically designed to provide an overview of every part of a company’s operation – no matter its size or sector!

Having previously worked with Keystone on a separate animation about Khaos Cloud, the company got in touch with us once more regarding the creation of a new animated video production designed to showcase the benefits of the software.

Our Video

For this brief, we were asked to provide an overview video of the Cloud’s capabilities, as well as four shorter videos designed to highlight the following characters and their ‘role’ within the software:

• Andromeda (Order managament)

• Ariel (Customer communications)

• Hotshot (Fulfillment)

• Prospero (Mission Control)

Each separate video would explore the Cloud’s features in each of the above areas, with the longer overview animation providing an insight into all four facets as well as various other functions the software can provide.

Our overview video for this project can be found above, whilst the videos on our four characters – collectively called the ‘Khaos Control League’ - can be seen below.

For more on the Khaos Cloud, its capabilities and its characters, visit the website at: https://www.khaoscloud.com/

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