KTP 2D Animation

KTP 2D Animation
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

The University of Wolverhampton wanted to make a 2d animation to promote Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), which needed to be very similar to the KEEN video we had made previously for the University.

KTP’s are collaborations between Universities and businesses that help drive innovation. Businesses with innovative ideas connect with Universities, who provide the expertise and resources to execute the idea.

Our Video

A long time client of ours, the University of Wolverhampton approached us with the idea of creating a 2d animation to introduce and showcase their KTP programme.

We had previously worked with them on their KEEN (Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise Network) video, a similar kind of programme, so we needed to provide a similar 2d animation.

The 2d animation was aimed at students of the University and needed to outline the benefits of enrolling onto a KTP.

A friendly, simple tone was essential to the video, so as not to make a KTP seem like an intimidating path to go down for graduates.

We also needed to make the distinction between University premises and the figurative business, to make it clear that the two, though in partnership, are separate entities.

A KTP is not necessarily the most simple thing to explain, so a 2d animation to drum up the initial interest is a simple, but eye-catching way to do so effectively.

In the most extreme example scenario, without being able to create that initial interest, the KTP programme would ultimately be unsuccessful.

If it were to be unsuccessful, again we’re expanding a point to make one, then the partnership wouldn’t happen again and the opportunities for students, the University and businesses are gone.

After going ahead with the project, the University were able to distribute the 2d animation among graduates and students, to prepare them for a life after graduation!

Jamie, who led the project, said

“KTP was really similar to a previous project of ours; one from our early years. We had to use an old animation called KEEN as inspiration, using new branding and new characters. We couldn’t simply update the characters with new colours or whatnot, so we cracked our knuckles and used all our experience gained over the years since the original to remake it using completely different software and techniques. I’d say the second version is definitely better!”

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