Launch Animation Video

Building Launch Animation
Compton Care
Our Brief

Our brief was to create a launch animation video showing the impact that the new building will have on Compton Care by vastly improving their care coordination support. The video also aims to then explain what care coordination is.

Our Video

Our launch animation video started by recording a conversation with the team at Compton Care. This acted as the base of script and allowed us to get it just right. From there, we created a storyboard and had a voiceover recorded by a professional artist. Once this blueprint was sorted, it was onto the animation itself, as well as filming some small parts.

Animated Launch Video Storyboard

Our team worked hard to create a fresh, modern and colourful animation with a variety of different scenes. The result was a rather splendid 3 minute animated video that we are all very proud of.

Compton Care’s Lydia said:

It was absolutely perfect and the whole team loved it. Thank you so much to the team at Stone’s Throw Media."

Jamie, our Head of Animation said:

I really like this one. Personally, it is one of my favourites. When you are given freedom on what you want to make in terms of style and scenes, it's fun to think of what can happen on screen in relation to what is being said without being too literal. Such as using a Yoga scene or floating in the clouds for needs. Plus the colour gold is such a strong visual treat to splash on screen. As long as I had to show Compton employees interacting with clients, it was up to us to show how to do that. It was then a case of thinking up what is some pleasant imagery to show this happening considering it's about quite a deep subject. You don't want to remind people about negativity so it's an opportunity to burst with fun and refreshing ideas. Being told that your ideas and hard work into making something a reality from a brief always feels good. It boosts morale and reminds you that maybe you are good at what you do and making a difference to people."

Are you looking to create a launch animation video? Or perhaps an animation to explain a topic or bring some messages to life? Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Get in touch today and let’s go make some (Stone’s Throw) media!

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