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When Leukaemia CARE decided to embark on a project to raise awareness of blood cancers and their symptoms, we felt strongly that we should help them as best as we could.

Leukaemia CARE are a national charity, based in Worcester, who are dedicated to supporting those affected by blood cancer.

Formed in 1969, the organisation offers a number of support services for patients and their families, such as support groups, one-to-one buddy support, conferences, a quarterly magazine, and a specialist phone line available every day of the year.

We teamed up with Leukaemia CARE to create a series of charity videos for them:

  • Six patient stories – where those who Leukaemia CARE have supported shared their stories
  • One video on the signs and symptoms of blood cancer

In the patient story videos we invited those with leukaemia to share their experiences – in particular their initial symptoms, their emotions, and the support which they have received from Leukaemia CARE since their diagnosis.

Each individual patient story can be viewed below.

Our video on the signs and symptoms of blood cancer, which you can see above, lists the common signs of the illness – such as bruising, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss – and stresses that an early diagnosis can save lives.

Due to the subject matter at hand, these charity videos were, at times, difficult to make, but we’re glad that we did and are delighted with the results.

It was fantastic to team up with Leukaemia CARE and we’re hopeful that we can do so once again in the future.

We received some fantastic feedback from them about this project, including the great news that their campaign had an increase in engagement due to our videos.

If charity videos are what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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