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Recruitment Video
Midland Heart
Our Brief

We are trying to encourage creative people to join the communications team at Midland Heart with a recruitment video.

Midland Heart is a Midlands housing association, providing homes and services that help people to live independently. They provide a range of housing options for those who need an affordable place to live.

Midland Heart were hiring for a role in their communications department and wanted a video to show potential employees the kind of facilities and work environment they could be involved in.

Our Video

The problem Midland Heart was facing was that they needed to hire a creative person for their communications team.

The way that Midland Heart wanted to communicate their working environment was through a recruitment video that displayed the offerings to potential employees.

The idea behind this recruitment video was to try and attract the right people to the role they were looking to fill. By having a visual representation of the environment at Midland Heart, it would hopefully reach someone who related to the offering and wanted to get on board.

The potential opportunity lost is finding the right person to hire. A recruitment video reaches a wider audience and attracts more attention than your run of the mill Indeed advert.

Features that we needed to include in the video were the offices, the team at work and the opportunities available to people working there. These included things like making a difference, delivering campaigns and developing the communications area at Midland Heart.

Members of the team, who would be working with someone in communications, spoke to camera about working at Midland Heart to add a sense of authenticity to the video.

We used sections of animation throughout the video when showing the different offerings against the backdrop of the actual office to make it stand out.

Jamie, head of animation, said on the project

"The biggest challenge with Midland Heart was that it was to be a video focused piece with 'interactive animation' scattered throughout, so we had to try and work out where text would work best in the video shots provided. Of course, when it was filmed, we intentionally created shots that would have animation in them but there were plenty left on the cutting room floor. It was also an opportunity to try out new text tracking techniques!"

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