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Product Animation
My Improvement Network
Our Brief

My Improvement Network were looking for a product animation that explains a new product around well being sensors and how it can assist in the care of people in hospitals and care homes.

The product helps staff attend to a patient’s needs quicker and the animation will explain the impact that this is having in care settings.

Our Video

Working closely with the customer to create this animation, we produced a video that was just over one minute in length. It was crucial to work together on the script and storyboarding before making the animation itself.

97% of marketers say that people understand the product or service better if the explanation is video

Product Animation Feedback

Stone's Throw Media's Head of Animation, Jamie said:

It was fun to create an isometric animation (which we don’t get to do very often!) about a new product coming to the market for a good cause! There was a bit of back and fourth about how the product works and how it actually looks because it was still being finalised during the animation stage. Pleased with how it has turned out and we hope the product animation is a big success.

product animation MIN

MIN product animation

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