How To Deal With Stress


University of Wolverhampton


Motion graphics & green screen video

A video to demonstrate on ways to prevent stress from occurring at work. We used green screen video & motion graphics to bring the video to life.

Stress is a term we hear being used almost everyday but line managers need recognise when an individual is stressed.

You need to be aware of the, signs and signals of stress and need to act on them. You also need to be aware of how to prevent stress from occurring in the first place. Employers have a legal duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees as far as reasonably practicable. Even if an employee has not raised concerns, the line manager should be alert to the possibility of stress.

Hang on a minute What is stress? Stress is a physical and mental response that we all have to situations that we find stimulating or demanding. These situations are sometimes unpleasant, such as illness or financial difficulties, changes in lifestyle, job or environment, but equally positive experiences like going on holiday or getting a promotion can also be stressful.

Signs of stress

The key is to notice a change in an individuals behaviour.
Equally you may notice the signs of stress in a team with things like…

Disputes and disaffection within the group
Increase in staff turnover
Increase in complaints and grievances

Increased sickness absence

Increased reporting of stress
Difficulty in attracting new staff
Poor performance
Customer dissatisfaction or complaints

So how do we deal with stress?

Prevention is better than cure, so we should take steps to avoid stress occurring.

Keep in touch with your colleagues and be aware of potential individual’s stressors and your various team’s stressors.
An early word with an individual can help a lot. Problems may or may not be work related – either way they may affect performance at work and appropriate support needs to be provided.

Manager’s aren’t expected to know everything so you can always ask for guidance. Not knowing something but seeking advice is fine. Turning a blind eye isn’t.

Watch this behind the scenes video of our Stress & motion graphics video to see how we used green screen & motion graphics together.

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