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"What is conveyancing?" Animation
Wall James Chappell
Our Brief

The goal of this promotional animation was to explain to potential customers of Wall James Chappell the common question of - “what is conveyancing?”

Our Video

The first stage in our promotional animation was to work in conjunction with the customer on a script. As ever, there is plenty of back and forth to get this phase just right, and once we had the scripts completed we moved onto concepts and storyboarding to help visualise how the promotional animation would come together.

We soon reached a point where both our customer and ourselves were happy with the direction we were heading, so we moved on to creating the actual animation itself. The next time the customers saw it was the first draft and after some careful finessing the addition of a music track, subtitles and the voice-over we were able to present the finalised video to the client so it could be put into use on their website and social media.

Our professional doodler and head of animation Jamie at this to say about the project:

We enjoyed working on this animation with Wall James Chappell. It is one of those questions that will always be asked and we can see it being a really useful tool for them and homebuyers alike. This animation came at a timely fashion as I myself happened to be going through a house move at the time so it was helpful being able to talk to people about a rather important procedure for both the animation and myself alike, it certainly helped me clear up some misunderstandings of what happens."

Creating videos about frequently asked questions (or FAQs) is a thoroughly good idea - your customers and potential customers will need to know answers so why not address the question. These kinds of promotional animations or promotional videos can work brilliantly to attract new customers searching through Google and help your staff when handling enquiries.

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