Recycle Rovers Animation

Recycle Rovers Animation
Wolverhampton City Council
Our Brief

Recycle Rovers is a Wolverhampton City Council comic book initiative to engage with children and educate them on recycling.

Wolverhampton City Council wanted to utilise their existing Recycle Rovers book and create an animation.

The aim of the animation was to encourage recycling participation and reduce contamination (non-recyclable waste materials) by running a primary school education campaign, engage with primary schools in areas where high contamination has been recorded and to build and improve relationships with schools.

Our Video

Although the Council already had some engaging media assets with the comic book, who doesn’t love a cartoon?

To further engage children and educate them on recycling, the council wanted a cartoon that showed which materials can and can’t be recycled.

Basing it around football meant that the information within the animation was more easily understandable and memorable. 90% of information translated to the brain is visual, so a more stimulating learning tool for younger children is animation.

By educating the younger generation through animation, the long term future of recycling is brighter and it will become an integral part of every day life.

The animation needed to be around two and a half minutes long, with key points of information to be shared within that, especially what materials can and can’t be recycled.

A group of friendly dogs, Recycle Rovers, played against a gang of reprobate rats, Team Toxic, to play for the Wasteball Cup.

We won’t tell you the ending, but the narrative continues in the comic book, where the Wastecycle World Cup is up for grabs!

To give the footballing element some authenticity, we got Channel 5, Quest (EFL show on Saturday evening’ and Aston Villa’s charismatic commentator Jack Woodward in to do some commentary, voicing a badger!

A social edit was also produced so that the council could share the Recycle Rovers animation across their digital channels, as well as vertical and square versions.

It’s satisfying (and incredibly surprising) to know that Stone’s Throw work will be used to educate the young minds of society and do some real good for the planet.

Animation Feedback

Jamie, our head of animation, said

It was brilliant to be approached to animate a book and was something we jumped at the chance to do! As all the imagery was in place, most of our time was spent in breaking down the graphics and characters into suitable ‘puppets’ to convey convincing and child friendly movements without altering the art style. It’s one of the most puppet heavy animations we have done and I think it turned out really well. Also, we got a celebrity commentator to pretend to be a badger so it was worth it just for that!

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