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GIF Images
Redrow Homes
Our Brief

We assisted a national housebuilding company with the promotion of its good work in the community through the creation of three GIF images!

For this project our client was Redrow - one of the largest housing construction firms in the UK and (at the time of writing) a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Alongside its efforts building new developments across the country, Redrow has a commitment to providing a positive impact on society through its endeavours in areas such as responsible building, thriving communities, and valuing people.

To promote some of the fantastic stats that an internal company report had highlighted in these areas, the team at Redrow asked us if we could do something a little different than usual for them.

This unusual request? The creation of a number of GIF images which the company could utilise on its social media platforms!

Our Video

As social media platforms have developed and evolved, the use of short videos and GIF images on them has increased accordingly.

Today the utilisation of these techniques has become a proven method of promoting something to a global external audience, and the team at Redrow wanted these GIF images to be no different in that regard.

Our three GIFs for this project concerned three positive achievements highlighted in the company’s ‘2016-2017 Social, Environmental and Economic Value’ report.


As you can see above and below, these achievements concerned the company’s...

1) Commitment to being an employer of apprentices

2) Creation of public open spaces for the enjoyment of all

3) Contribution of over £1,140m GVA to the UK’s economy

...endeavours which reflect its core values and its commitment to benefitting society.


Our GIF images highlight these accomplishments in a visually stimulating way whilst also including the relevant core value and the company’s logo.

Our thanks to the team at Redrow for working with us on this project.

You can follow the company’s Twitter page here.

Do you think your organisation needs a series of GIF images to highlight some of its good work?

If so, we’re happy to help, so why not drop us a line via our Contact page today?

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