RPL Army Animated Marketing Video


University of Wolverhampton


RPL Army Animated Marketing Video

We teamed up once more with the University of Wolverhampton regarding their involvement in the innovative Recognition of Prior Learning scheme.

Recognition of Prior Learning – or RPL, for short – is an initiative which credits an individual who has gained knowledge and/or qualifications from outside education, e.g. through previous life experiences, work, or even through a hobby.

Being credited for their prior learning gives the individual the chance to progress academically – even if they don’t come from a strong academic background.

It can help someone to gain a qualification which they need in order to progress with their professional career, or assist them in entering the world of higher education.

In our previous work with the University involving RPL, we created an overview of the scheme – highlighting what it is, how it works, and who it could benefit.

This follow up project was a little more targeted. We were asked to show how RPL can also benefit those who have been in the Armed Forces, and who have gained learning from their time in service.

So, we created an animated marketing video revolving around our character “John”, who joined the Army after leaving school with a handful of GCSEs.

During his time in the Army, John was able to acquire knowledge from a non-educational route, e.g. through leadership and management courses – knowledge which thanks to RPL was credited as “prior learning”.

Because of this prior learning, John was in a fantastic position when preparing for his professional career outside of the services. He was well on his way towards gaining an academic qualification at University – something which without RPL might have been impossible.

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