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Care 2D Animation

We were delighted to be approached by ‘Skills for Care’, a workforce development body for adult social care in England, to produce a 2D animation video for them.

The animation was based on their new “Stop, Think, Dignity” campaign, a practical framework designed and created for care agencies regarding care workers treating clients with the dignity they deserve.

This project was an excellent example of how sometimes we have to be flexible and adaptable when creating content for a client.

Based on our initial script and storyboard, the video we were to create for ‘Skills for Care’ was to be based on motion graphics.

After communicating with the company and taking their suggestions on board however, we swiftly changed the nature of the video so that it was now 2d animation, as well as altering some of the characters within the video.

This meant having to utilise a wide range of skills the members of our team hold, as well as using other pieces of computer software at our disposal.

The video itself portrayed several scenarios where care workers believed they were doing the right thing, oblivious to the fact that they were distressing their clients in some way.

After a team meeting where the guidelines of “Stop, Think, Dignity” were discussed, it was shown how the care workers were not following proper procedure and were not treating their clients with the dignity they deserved.

Armed with new knowledge, the care workers were then able to apply their learning to offer a much more satisfactory service to their clients.

After developing our creation several times, we received some fantastic feedback from ‘Skills for Care’, who were pleased with the final result that will go on to spearhead their campaign on this issue.

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