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Typography Animation
Student Roost
Our Brief

Student Roost were looking for an animation that would highlight their approach to sustainability and how they tackle issues face on in light of the current energy crisis. These steps are being taken to keep students’ rent low & protect the planet.

The typography animation that Student Roost wanted to create would detail how students and Student Roost could work together to reduce their carbon footprint and energy usage, as well as (and arguably more importantly for students!) keep their bills low.

Student Roost is an accommodation provider who puts student wellbeing first. They aim to provide the very best experience, to make the most of student living.

Our Video

One of Student Roost’s selling points is that they maintain low bills for students. It is no secret that living, in general, has gotten a lot more expensive for most people recently, but Student Roost believes that bills can remain low for their tenants.

However, Student Roost is still a business, and it’s not as simple as lowering costs for everyone, or staying at a fixed rate. It requires a collaborative effort from both sides to achieve something like consistently low costs.

As well as showing what measures Student Roost was implementing, the typography animation needed to show what the tenants could also do as part of the collaboration.

A typography animation was a great option for this project, because key bits of information needed to stand out, combining audio, visual and text to utilise all of the viewer's senses (smellyvision and screen textures are pending). Typography animations are designed to keep audiences engaged while breaking down complex topics into easily digestible pieces.

The problem that Student Roost was facing was that they wanted to keep bills low for students and reduce their carbon footprint as an organisation, but needed input from the student side to allow this to happen.

The cause of the problem was that students might not be aware of what they needed to do, or that Student Roost were even looking for this kind of collaboration.

The impact of the students not partaking in energy saving activities is that Student Roost would then be unable to keep their prices low because of the business costs and how much they would be spending on energy bills.

To be able to implement these steps and communicate them to the students, a typography animation was the perfect option for Student Roost.

A typography animation allows you to highlight bits of information and make them stand out, combining text, imagery, sound and colour for optimal attention grabbing.

The typography animation needed to highlight what Student Roost were putting into the collaborative effort, so that it didn’t seem as though demands were being thrown at the students.

Student Roost came to us with their idea of how the typography animation could look and we worked from there.

The typography animation would be sent out to the Student Roost residents directly and indirectly, for the best possible distribution and implementation.

Preeti, who led the project, said

“For this typography animation, we wanted to incorporate some fun transitions and visuals that mesh the text and graphics together in a way that was visually appealing. I personally also enjoy the music choice, as I feel the slight pick ups of energy help to amplify the message that is put across.”

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