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We were thrilled to be approached once more by the Black Country Talent Match initiative – the organisation we previously collaborated with in 2014 – to create another animated video for their benefit.

Talent Match is a scheme based in the West Midlands which gives young people – those considered to be the furthest away from being “work ready” – the chance to grasp job opportunities or even to consider forming a company of their own.

They do this by helping the young people with their personal skills – such as improving their confidence and outlook on life – thanks to the assistance of dedicated personal mentors and the use of five “hubs” spread across the region.

Four of these hubs are based in Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, and Sandwell respectively, whilst the fifth hub – the “Central Hub” – covers Bilston and Darlaston.

When we previously worked with Talent Match (details of which can be found here) we felt that an effective way of conveying what the initiative does and how it can help was through the account of somebody who had used the service – in that particular instance, Aaron.

For this project, we decided to create an animated video which followed a similar narrative, but with a different theme.

We used a deck of cards to symbolise a young person’s life, highlighting the fact that they can only play the cards they’re dealt with. Shuffling the deck isn’t going to work – they need a new deck, which is what Talent Match provides.

We used this theme whilst narrating the experiences of Aaron, Ken, and Joely, in an animated video which we feel brought out the benefits of the Talent Match initiative really well.

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