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British Triathlon
Our Brief

Create an animated video to show club secretaries the digital process to gaining a Club Affiliation. The animated video will serve as a checklist for what information the secretaries will need. It’ll be emailed out to the club secretaries and will need to be accessible to as many people as possible.

From October 2021, clubs across England and Wales are able to begin the process of affiliating themselves to British Triathlon. In order to inform the clubs of what information was required, British Triathlon required a simple animated video that could be distributed easily.

British Triathlon is a Federation, whose members are the Home Nation's Associations of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland and Welsh Triathlon.

British Triathlon is responsible for matters such as the Great Britain Elite, Paratriathlon and Age-Group Teams, British and International events, Anti-Doping and International Representation. British Triathlon also manages a number of services that are shared with the three Home Nations.

Our Video

There are many triathlon clubs around Britain feeling the effects of Covid financially. British Triathlon therefore very kindly froze the price of affiliation to the same as it was pre pandemic to allow as many clubs as possible to access the many benefits of being affiliated to Triathlon England.

The impact of clubs reeling financially from Covid is ultimately reduced participation in triathlon events. The cost of affiliation will enable British Triathlon to run effectively and not lose out on the affiliation fees.

The opportunity lost in reduced participation and funding could mean that Britain potentially could lose out on finding the next Olympic champion, or, on a less elite level, reduced participation.

The project began with British Triathlon sending over a script for their animated video. Following a few edits, British Triathlon then chose a voiceover artist.

The animated video showed a triathlon being completed as the information was displayed and read out. The competitors shown were of a diverse nature as it was important to be as inclusive as possible.

British Triathlon were able to embed the video on their website as well as sending the information to Triathlon Club Secretaries across Britain.

Jamie said on the project

“The dilemma for this project was that they needed something quite quickly, so therefore rather simple but because of how cool a client they are we didn’t want to step in without adding some flair and representation of who they were! Gurpreet created a sample concept design that used colour, characters, and environments in a simple manner that we could do within the time frame, which led to a nice idea of creating an animated border running along the video the entire time showing a triathlon in progress! A great example of making something extra for a simple idea.”

Do you need an animated video for your organisation? Maybe you have a lot of information you need to get across in a simple way. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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