UCB Typography Animation

Typography Animation
University College Birmingham
Our Brief

University College Birmingham wanted an informative typography animation that detailed the outcomes of their London Economics research survey.

UCB had some independent research done on them in the shape of the London Economics Survey, in order to find out their economic impact on the UK.

This typography animation would be designed to show the findings in an engaging and easy to digest way.

University College Birmingham is highly respected by employers and industry for providing career-focused education and training, specialising in vocational courses in both the higher education and further education sectors.

Typography Animation

Following the London Economics Survey, UCB had some very impressive results that they wanted to share.

The London Economics Survey identified that UCB has a total economic impact of £358 million across the UK. In terms of strands of activity that can be linked to a region, it estimates that £88 million of impact occurs in the West Midlands, with a further £48 million of impact accrued across other regions and sectors of the UK economy.

A typography animation is the best way to detail this kind of information, because it allows you to draw attention to certain statistics and highlight what the voiceover is speaking about.

Around 65% of people are visual learners, so simply having a voiceover talking about statistical findings wouldn’t be the optimal way for people to absorb the information.

The problem that UCB was facing was that they didn’t have an engaging way to display the impressive findings from the London Economics Survey.

As impressive as the statistics are, at the end of the day, they’re statistics and even the biggest statto in the world will begin to become disengaged at some point.

The findings can ultimately be used as a recruitment tool and as a way to advertise the work that UCB does in the Midlands region. The impact of going without something like a typography animation, which is also easily shareable and embeddable, is that the information won’t reach as wide an audience in the most effective way possible.

After approaching us with the idea of a typography animation, we went back with an initial storyboard that would outline key parts of the video and how to display the information.

ucb typography animation

The infographic animation could simply be embedded onto UCB’s website and shared through their social channels to reinforce the impact that they have had.

Jamie, who led the project, said

“It’s always interesting to work on a typography animation project and drawing out the key bits of information to focus on. We blended the animation elements with real life footage too, to give a balance to the final video.”

Do you want a typography animation for your organisation? Maybe you have a lot of information you need to get across in a simple way. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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