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Enrolment Animation
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

We joined forces with the University of Wolverhampton for an animated explainer video designed for the benefit of its new intake!

Every academic year the University is pleased to welcome a new group of learners to its fold - students from across the globe who have decided to study at the institution on a course of their choosing.

Before they can begin their studies however the students have to enrol with the University - a process which can seem confusing or difficult to follow.

To tackle this problem, the University’s marketing department asked us to create a step-by-step guide to its enrolment process for its new starters in the form of an animation!

Our Video

For this project we created the two minute animation which you can watch above.

Led by a professional voice-over artist and the on-screen character of ‘Rachel’, our animation explains every stage of the University’s enrolment process one of its new undergraduate students needs to navigate through - both online and offline - as well as the optional (but recommended) “next steps” once enrolled.

This animation was designed to make enrolment as easy as possible for students to understand - reducing the amount of phone and e-mail queries to the University in the process - and to impart this information to the student in an engaging and lively manner which would hold their attention throughout.

Our thanks to the team at the University for asking us to help solve this problem for them, and good luck to all of its new starters this year!

Do you think your organisation needs an animated explainer video to inform an external audience about a topic clearly and concisely?

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