Worcestershire County Council Explainer Animation

Explainer Animation
Worcestershire County Council
Our Brief

Create an explainer animation that promotes apprenticeships and gives more information about them. The idea is to encourage more young people to choose an apprenticeship.

Worcestershire County Council's Apprenticeship Programme is a key part of their acclaimed Talent Management Programme. All apprentices employed by Worcestershire County Council will benefit from the same great support and terms and conditions of employment.

Worcestershire County Council wanted an explainer animation to show the benefits of an apprenticeship for people across Worcestershire. It would explain succinctly what it is involved and what can come of being in an apprenticeship programme.

Worcestershire County Council is the county council for the non-metropolitan county of Worcestershire.

Explainer Animation

The explainer animation that Worcestershire County Council wanted would advertise the thousands of apprenticeship opportunities available in Worcestershire, while demonstrating visually the simplicity of the process.

Without the explainer animation, there would be a lot of information to convey to potential apprentices in very traditional ways. Who wants to read massive pages of text anymore?!

The impact of not retaining people's attention is that there might be less participation in the apprenticeship process.

If participation numbers are low, you could potentially lose out on finding the next Oli Dutton (our apprentice turned sales extraordinaire) or have lower employment numbers on a wider scale.

Worcestershire Council sent over a script for us to put together a storyboard and finalise their concept. It included all of the key features they wanted to include in the video, such as the time that apprentices would spend working per week and the different opportunities available.

Characters in the video were shown in different settings, for example one at a desk and one in a hardhat, to demonstrate how wide the variety of apprenticeships is.

We created a full length version, as well as a shorter version for their social media channels.

Jamie, our head of animation, said on the project

"The client had a pretty good idea and grasp into what they wanted to achieve as it was part of a marketing campaign for Apprenticeship week. Deadline crunch against us, I think we achieved what we set out to do in the time frame allowed."

Preeti, who led the project, said

“The Worcestershire Apprenticeship animation allowed us to play more with dynamic elements to create unique transitions. Combined with sound effects, this helped to give the animation more life and create an experience for the viewer.”

Do you need an explainer animation for your organisation? Maybe you have a lot of information you need to get across in a simple way. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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