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F3 Racing Car 360 Video

We made our first foray into the world of 360 video thanks to the University of Wolverhampton’s Racing Team!

Video production is an industry which refuses to stand still.

With imagination combining with innovation, the boundaries between possible and impossible are continually being pushed in regards to the production of videos – and here at Stone’s Throw Media we love that this is the case.

As such, when the opportunity to create our very first 360 video for a client arose, we didn’t hesitate to take the plunge.

A 360 video – sometimes referred to as a 360-degree video or a spherical video – is a recording of a panorama where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time.

This technique is commonly achieved by using a collection of cameras, with the footage they capture needing to be “stitched together” in an editing suite post-filming.

Our 360 video centred around the University of Wolverhampton Racing Team’s Formula 3 car, which has been running in the 2016 F3 Cup by students currently undertaking the Motorsport Engineering course at the institution.

Based at the institution’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, the course allows the students to gain industry experience working as a professional team in the competitive motorsport field, whilst applying the theoretical knowledge they have learnt during their studies in the process.

For this project, we headed to Donington Park, in Derbyshire, to film on board the car as it did a lap of the famous track.

Once filmed and stitched together, we were able to complement our video with additional features, such as a speedometer, text, the University’s logo, and more.

Our 360 video was designed to not only to show off the car, but also to highlight how the University’s Racing Team are innovative, forward thinking, and looking to stay ahead of the game!

Our 360 video for this project can be seen above.

For more on the construction of the 360 and our day of filming at the racetrack, please see the “behind the scenes” video we created below.

Think our 360 video looks good, and would like one of your own?

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