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Our Brief

After previously collaborating with 2AM Ltd for two projects they were overseeing for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), we teamed up with them one final time for a spot of video advertising for the automotive giants.

2AM Ltd are an award winning production company, based in London, who produce high-end commercials for television, cinema, and the internet.

They got in touch to ask if we’d be interested in teaming up with them for a series of projects they were working on for JLR, and if we’d consider using our drone to give the videos that extra special flourish.

Our Video

For details about the first two projects we worked on in the series, please click this link, which will take you to our other portfolio piece for this venture.

The third project in the series was a particularly exciting one, as it revolved around us teaming up with 2AM for some video advertising – namely JLR’s 2015 Christmas advert.

The narrative of the advert was “Go Beyond This Christmas”, as part of Land Rover’s wider “Above & Beyond” marketing campaign.

The advert intended to show how it is the Land Rover that can help you do this, by being the vehicle which can reach the remote locations which the UK can sometimes offer up!

For this video we used our drone to get the shots crucial to the advert’s narrative.

We had to show the remoteness of the cottage seen in the advert – a task made quite tricky by the fact that we only had a window of just 30-60 minutes to do this, to ensure our shots were filmed just as the sun was going in.

We felt we did a pretty good job, however, and were really pleased with our results – all of which you can see in the video above.

We’d like to thank 2AM Ltd for allowing us to work on such fantastic projects with such a prestigious client – it was certainly one of our most enjoyable assignments to date.

If you think that a spot of video advertising, could help your business, we’re sure we can help.

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