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Property Aerial Photography and Aerial Video

We teamed up with a Midlands based advertising agency for a spot of aerial photography concerning a new housing development in Sunningdale, Berkshire.

Based in Leicester, the Unsworth Sugden Group are an agency with over 40 years of experience who offer creative advertising, PR, design, and web solutions to companies throughout the UK.

The Group have clients in a number of market sectors, but are proud to possess exceptional contacts within the housing sector – particularly the Buckinghamshire based firm Kebbell Homes.

Established over 60 years ago, Kebbell Homes trade as a family business and as one of the most respected and progressive new homes developers in the UK.

Kebbell turned to Unsworth Sugden to help promote their Laggan House development – a key part of their “Exquisite Collection” – who in turn approached us for drone purposes!

To showcase the development in a visually stimulating and stylish manner, Unsworth Sugden asked us if we could provide some aerial photography and an aerial video from the site using our state of the art drone.

We were happy to help, so we travelled down to beautiful Berkshire to do just that – capturing sweeping views of the majestic property in the process.

Aerial Photography

A selection of our aerial photography can be seen below, whilst our aerial video for this project can be viewed above.
[huge_it_gallery id=”4″]

Exquisite Collection

For more on the Laggan House development, and their “Exquisite Collection”, please do visit the Kebbell Homes website:

For more on the work the Unsworth Sugden Group provide for their clients, visit their website:

Our thanks to both companies for their co-operation during this project. It’s always a lot of fun to take our drone out on the road, and this experience was no different!

If you’re looking for aerial photography – or maybe even an aerial video – for your own business or organisation, we’re sure we can help.

Drop us a line today, or, if you prefer, why not ask for a quote from us below.

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