Reduce the Rubble Multimedia Campaign

Reduce the Rubble Multimedia Campaign
Our Brief

To show how Redrow Homes are already industry leading with waste reduction but are going much further with their Reduce the Rubble project. More and more people are factoring sustainability into their buying decisions and Redrow need to shine a light on the fantastic work being done in this area through a variety of multimedia.

Reduce the Rubble Multimedia Campaign

This was an exciting project to be involved in, given our previous working relationship and projects with Redrow.

Filming was across two Redrow sites; the Langley Grange site in Yorkshire, which was finished, and The Brook in Lancashire, which at the time was not yet finished.

We prepared, with Redrow, key points that would need to be addressed within the interview footage of people on site and the multimedia that would need to be used.

As the Reduce the Rubble initiative was based around sustainable methods to reduce waste, we needed to get footage of the waste being divided on a Redrow site.

The Oxford House is one of Redrow’s models that we needed to film at both completion and construction stage, which we had to do across the two sites.

Redrow required multimedia visualisation of the Reduce the Rubble project, so elements that also needed to be included were other sections of construction, Reduce the Rubble signage and sections of animation to simplify the visual elements.

Head of Video, Tom, said

“Throughout this project it was interesting to see how much waste could be reduced on Redrow sites. Over the two different days and building sites we used a range of techniques to capture the visuals, including aerial footage to be able to film a top down view of the waste to pass onto our animation team to label the waste using motion graphics"

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