Sustrans Case Study Video

Case Study Video
Our Brief

Sustrans wanted a case study video to demonstrate the changes to a cycling route in Warwickshire. The project transformed a section of railway line into an off road cycle lane. Sustrans wanted to see footage from before and after this transformation and put it into a 3 minute video that showed the transformation that has been made.

Sustrans are custodians of the National Cycle Network, a UK-wide network of traffic-free paths for everyone, connecting cities, towns and countryside, loved by the communities they serve.

The case study video would be based on the Lias Line cycle route, a 23.4-mile route on the National Cycle Network, connecting Rugby, Leamington Spa and Warwick.

Our Video

The opening of the renovated Lias Line was a pretty big deal, with Andrew Day, Leader of Warwick District Council, in attendance.

The line itself was also featured on Countryfile, focussing on the unique wildlife and views along the path, so as far as cycle routes go, it can now be considered an A-lister!

With all of this in mind, Sustrans wanted to make a case study video that would show the route before and after renovations, as well as aerial shots of the areas around the path itself.

With work beginning in late 2021, the renovations included around 4km of on-road National Cycle Network between Offchurch Greenway and Long Itchington being replaced by 5.46km of safe and accessible traffic-free path.

A case study video was the best option for this kind of project for Sustrans, because they were then able to compare before and after shots, show the work in action, as well as showing the world what Sustrans does.

The problem that Sustrans was facing was that they had no way to show off what they had been doing and detail the project to a wider audience.

Case study videos are an essential marketing tool, so the impact of not having one for this project would be that the public aren’t as informed as they could be. Case study videos allow you to share the work across the internet and social media, meaning that it can go to as wide an audience as possible.

With big projects like this one, which involved £5m pounds of investment, there’ll be a lot of public interest, so it’s important to be transparent and show the charitable work in action.

Because there was a number of stages to the project, we had to book several dates for filming over the beginning and middle of 2022, in order to capture the different stages of the work being done.

A discussion was had with Sustrans about how the case study video would look and the locations for the drone shots.

We also created social media versions of the case study video, in order for it to be more shareable and the information to be more condensed.

Mike, who led the project, said

“The Sustrans project was all about making the walk paths that we all take for granted as able people and making them accessible for all. Some people have trouble walking, so making the surface easy to walk on and easy for wheelchair users to get on and off and enjoy the walk just as much as everyone else. When the first filming took place it was hard to imagine the difference the work would make.

Our job was to document the progress made over the course of the project with a case study video. We had to film before much of the work had started. We would then come back and film the finished article.

The first filming date took place in January, so it was rather chilly to say the least. It was also very muddy and hard to get to our filming locations. The next time we came back it was July, the sun was out and more importantly sandwiches were handed out to celebrate the success of the project.

The transformation was impressive. It was great to see that people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters were using the path while we were filming. So we grabbed them as quickly as possible for some shots. Cyclists were also passing by what seemed like every five minutes, everyone we spoke to was so pleased with the work and making the walk path enjoyable and accessible for all. We’re really happy with the footage we filmed however flying the drone in the winter does lead to numb fingers for a good hour. Thanks to Sustrans for the opportunity to let us be a part of the project.”

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