Aerial Video

Low Carbon Hub Project
UTC Aerospace Systems
Our Brief

We teamed up with UTC Aerospace Systems to create an aerial video showcasing the installation of solar panels on one of its buildings in Banbury, Oxfordshire!

We were tasked with depicting a rooftop solar installation to underline the fantastic work taking place at the location and the large scale of the operation by UTC Aerospace Systems - one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and defense products.

It was important to showcase the impressive technical work of the engineers and demonstrate the stunning visual effect of the completed installation.

This was an excellent opportunity for us to highlight the work being done at UTC Aerospace, and give the public an insight into the difference made by community projects such as the Low Carbon Hub – a renewable energy social enterprise which collaborated with UTC on this installation.

Our Video

We created the aerial video you can watch above which uses dramatic, sweeping drone shots to fully realise the scale of the work.

These shots are then complemented by a soaring, orchestral soundtrack which mirrored the movements of the drone in captivating style.

A key part of our aerial video was the use of a time-lapse to evoke the sense of grandeur present in a large installation like this.

An excellent benefit here was how dramatic the sky and clouds appeared as a backdrop against the UTC Aerospace building – an effect which really added to the dramatic overtones of the video!

The final shots of the completed installation demonstrated the transformation of the rooftop, which gave the video a sense of journey and completion.

It was especially satisfying to pan slowly away from the building – a technique which adds a feeling of deference to its size and scale.

We hope you enjoy watching our video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Could your company benefit from an aerial video showcasing a large scale installation such as this one?

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