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Birmingham City University - STEAMhouse
Our Brief

BCU were looking to cover the International STEAM Conference with a live stream to enable people to join from all over the world. Our role was to live stream the conference on day one & record the workshops on day three to be available after the event.

The third International STEAM Conference took place between the 18th and 20th of October 2022 at the newly launched STEAMhouse building in Birmingham.

The STEAMhouse building spans five stories and 100,000 square feet, with cutting-edge amenities providing office space and business support services to a community of small and mid-sized firms as well as bigger corporations and organisations.

The 2022 STEAM Conference was extended to three days rather than two, so we had a lot to cover!

The Steam Conference aims to showcase where art and science meet. There were talks throughout the day, however the room could only seat a handful of people, so if the room reached full capacity we could stream the event to other rooms as well as online. The talks were streamed onto a landing page via BCU as the event attracted people from all over the world. We had speakers from Canada and California so there was a global demand to see the event.

Our Video

The 2022 BCU STEAM conference required a live stream platform that could accommodate a large number of attendees.

The STEAM conference is an international phenomenon, with speakers from Canada and California, so we needed to cater to a global audience. There were talks throughout the day (a breakdown of the conference content can be found here), however the room at STEAMhouse could only seat a handful of people.

If the room reached full capacity, which it was likely to, we could live stream the event to other rooms, as well as online, to reach a wider audience.

Because of the global audience, the talks were uploaded to Vimeo and streamed onto a landing page via a BCU portal that could be accessed from everywhere.

We were there for two days of the conference, although we only live streamed one day. On the second day, we filmed the events on cameras and edited them afterwards, as a highlights video.

This wasn’t a case of us being lazy, or that we just didn’t feel like live streaming anymore, but because on day two, the talks were in many rooms at once and we simply can’t be that omnipresent!

Prior to the conference, we did a recce to make sure we had the space and facilities to do the job.

We set up our cameras and live streaming equipment in the room that the conference was taking place in, so we were present throughout the day.

Though it seems counterintuitive, not every camera angle of the conference needs to be of the speakers.

As such, we created a few graphics for the bumpers between talks and had to provide angles in the room for when there was downtime. So, for this, we put a camera at the front of the room facing towards the audience in between talks to break up the livestream.

Tom, our head of video, said

“We’d previously worked with STEAMhouse to help them out with their conferences but in an online format, so being able to work with them to facilitate a hybrid approach made it easier to understand what they needed to achieve. We made use of our remote cameras and vision mixer to bring to life a fully hybrid event and live stream with minimal setup and small footprint.”

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