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Livestream Filming
City of Wolverhampton Council
Our Brief

In 2020, the COVID-19 virus disrupted the City of Wolverhampton’s business week plans. Some of the sessions they were due to run had to be cancelled as in person events were not safe or practical. However, we were able to offer a solution to the council with our live streaming services. Our brief was to record different discussions within the city’s art gallery and allow the attendees who would usually be there physically, to have the opportunity to watch live in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Livestream Filming

Two different live broadcasts were created. We had “Challenges for Black Businesses” and “Let’s Talk Skills” as our two live events as part of the business week programme.

Each video was approximately an hour long and included a mixture of live filmed discussions (all socially distanced), along with videos edits that were provided and some video edits that we put together to help break the discussion up.

We used our vision mixer technology, with multiple camera angles and even used the robotic cameras to help give this more of a production feel and allow us to keep crew numbers down during the height of the pandemic. We also included intro and outro screens, countdown timers etc. The videos were broadcast out via YouTube and we took advantage of the premiere function so that the broadcasts could be filmed ahead of time but still presented as live.

Isobel from the City of Wolverhampton Council said:

We were faced with a real challenge to continue to reach and support our business community and we were really pleased with the solution Stone’s Throw Media were able to offer and the results that we got.”

Tom, our head of video production said:

We were able to flex our creative video muscle for this project, we used technology to our advantage to be able to capture these important discussions with 4-5 participants using remote controllable cameras which meant we could still offer a fantastic multi camera production but keep crew to an essential minimum, whilst still maintaining a high quality output.”

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