Springfield Campus Live Stream

Springfield Campus Opening Event Live Stream
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

To host a livestream for the launch of the new Springfield campus so that they could still take place virtually during uncertain times for events during COVID-19.

The Springfield Campus at the university is a £120 million project which turned a 12-acre, Grade II listed former brewery into an architecture and built environment super-campus.

The University of Wolverhampton purchased the site in 2014 from Bough Brewery – the start of ambitious plans to create a construction and built environment super-campus.

The site was opened in October 2020 and we were lucky enough to do the live stream for it!

Our Video

The live stream that the University wanted would show the entirely new campus and its opening. The event was at the height of the pandemic, so the option for it to be an in-person opening was a non-starter.

With the investment made into the Springfield Campus, missing the opening ceremony was not an option, so the University adapted and moved to a live stream. Not making people aware of these kinds of facilities is a huge potential opportunity lost in a number of facets like investment and potential students.

We had invested in live streaming equipment during the pandemic in order to be available for this kind of situation. It proved to be a decent investment as we ended up doing a few live streams for the University and other places. Crystal ball anyone?

The University had a pre-existing bank of high quality clips of the campus, so we needed to include these in the stream to show off the incredible facilities. Everyone loves a good ribbon cutting, but a live stream of it for an hour might mean attention levels drop off slightly.

With this in mind, we used our vision mixer for a variety of camera angles and the feel of a professional broadcast. The idea is to keep people engaged with the different types of shots, as well as showing off the facilities.

For those who weren’t able to watch the live stream, a highlights video was necessary! Things to include were the cool shots of the campus, the ribbon cutting and formal opening, people attending the campus and a music track to control the tempo.

Tom, our head of video, said

It was really satisfying to be involved in a project like this one, especially at the opening of such a great campus

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