University Alumni Live Stream

Alumni Awards 2023 Livestream
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

The University of Wolverhampton were hosting their second alumni awards and they were looking for a livestream company to help them enhance the event.

The brief was to make the awards evening available online for viewers around the world, as well as creating a stage setup and handling the AV in the room on the night.

Alumni Awards 2023 Livestream

The key to working with a livestream company and making the event a success is all in the planning. After several meetings at the venue to map out the event, coupled with the hard work of the university’s team, we were able to have a strong plan in place to deliver the awards.

There are two audiences with this approach - in the room and online. Both require slightly different treatment.

Some of the content was played in the room onto large TV screens around the venue showing key videos of nominees and then was broadcast onto the University’s YouTube channel.

82% of people prefer to watch live video from a brand over seeing a social media post. (New York Magazine)

Tom, our head of video, said:

Every livestream has its own challenges and quirks but overall it’s nothing we haven’t tackled before. It’s why the planning stage is so important to iron out any issues. The university team helped with many of the barriers and they know what needs to happen - this team effort between us really makes it fun to work on. It was a great evening, ran smoothly, and as many of us at Stone’s Throw are alumni of the university, it gives us great pride to work together.

livestream company feedback

We spoke to David Wedge, Deputy Head of Alumni Relations at the University, to ask him a few questions and this is what he said:

How did Stone's Throw's help ensure the event was successful?

Stone’s Throw were just great from start to finish. Their attention to detail was exceptional in both planning and at the event. They collectively brought new ideas to planning meetings to help elevate the event and make it more successful. Furthermore, their professionalism and ethic to set-up early meant we were fully prepared.

Did STM do anything above and beyond?

Absolutely – their willingness to provide ideas, mock ups and brainstorm as key stakeholders in the event process, was invaluable. Ideas such as stage lighting displays, room screens, venue lighting and the visuals on screen, were all ideas they generated. The event would not have had the impact it didn’t without their ability to go above and beyond.

What is it like working with the STM team?

Easy. And I mean that as a true compliment. They fully understand briefs set and objectives and work collaboratively throughout the journey to support us a client to best attain success. They are professional, approachable, flexible, creative and above all, hugely knowledgeable and skilled in their craft. It’s a pleasure to work with them and as a client I feel fully at ease in all elements they are tasked with, which when delivering events, removes significant nerves and apprehension.

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