Live Stream of Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards 2021

Apprenticeship Live Stream
Opening Doors & Venues/Worcestershire Apprenticeships
Our Brief

Opening Doors & Venues were tasked with organising the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards 2021. It would be in live stream format and they wanted to pre-record 11x sofa discussions in a studio format, releasing the videos via YouTube Premier during the awards week at specified times.

On the sofas were 2-4 people filmed from 3 camera angles. It was filmed like a TV show in the sense that it was filmed as live but broadcasted at a later date. The videos included logos, graphics, countdowns and music.

Our Video

It feels like we say this in every portfolio piece from the last couple of years, but some restrictions that you might have heard of meant that lots of live events struggled to be at full capacity, or there needed to be ways round it.

Following the absence of the prestigious awards ceremony in 2020, missing out again wasn’t an option; so the awards took on a different format. This meant they were virtual and spread out across three days.

Each day focussed on a different set of awards and on the different challenges faced by apprentices across Worcestershire, with guest speakers each day.

Without the live stream, the awards simply wouldn’t have been able to go ahead. With the importance of apprentices, it’s vital to recognise the work they do across Worcestershire.

Awards ceremonies such as this one encourage more participation in apprenticeship schemes, increase the quality of the work done by apprentices and encourage more businesses to get involved. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially the ladies and gentlemen who come away with big shiny trophies.

The impact of not hosting the awards means all of this buzz and interest slightly fades, which more than anything is unfair on the apprentices nominated for the second year in a row.

The first part of the project involved supporting Opening Doors & Venues with a running order, to get a clearer idea of the sofa talks & awards and what would be released on each day.

Other features that needed to be included as part of the project were countdown timers, graphics and a glitzy-glammy new logo ident, all dressed up for awards.

After the studio had been carefully set up with lights, sofas, screens and plants, the filming was conducted over two days at Worcester Warriors Rugby Club (in a posh suite, not on the pitch).

Tom, who worked closely with Opening Doors on the live stream, said

“It was great to get another live stream under our belt with our friends at Opening Doors and try our hand with set design and running orders”

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