Adult Education Wolverhampton Animated Typography

Typography Animation
Adult Education Wolverhampton
Our Brief

To show the scrutiny committee how Adult Education Wolverhampton deal with strategy and outcomes as well as the impact that they have.

Our Video

We were provided with existing footage from Adult Education Wolverhampton and we used this as a foundation for the video. Using animated typography, we showed key statistics through the use of moving graphics and text.

Adult Education Wolverhampton Animated Typography

A full storyboard was created prior to the animation so that Adult Education could see how the video flowed with the animation and allow for any changes before production began.

We aligned footage with the statistics displayed on screen, using a variety of interviews from different members of the programme.

Our Head of Animation, Jamie, said on the project:

“Every now and then it’s nice to tackle a project that’s more about making a video more visually appealing than doing full on animation. So to have to make an edit using existing footage and put some dynamic text and typography elements over the top was a nice change of pace. Helpful not to get too rusty on doing some video editing too!”

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