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Arriva UK Trains Values

We joined forces with a train operator for a motion graphics animation all about the values of its parent organisation!


CrossCountry is a provider of long-distance train journeys across the United Kingdom – including the country’s longest direct rail service from Aberdeen in Scotland to Penzance in Cornwall.

Owned by Arriva UK Trains, CrossCountry operates many intercity routes which do not serve the Greater London area – with all routes accessed by the company’s services either calling at or terminating at New Street station in the heart of Birmingham.

We were approached by the team at CrossCountry regarding the creation of a motion graphics animation which would help raise awareness of the core values of its owner!


This project was centred on the values of the Arriva Group as a whole – values such as…

  • Working as one team
  • Keeping customers happy every day
  • Always putting safety first

…amongst others.

To fulfil the brief of raising awareness of these values, our animation team firstly listed them in our video using kinetic typography, and then highlighted how they allow CrossCountry to deliver “great journeys” across the UK.

Our motion graphics animation – which you can watch above – isn’t a particularly long one (being just over a minute long) but it’s visually appealing, informative, and succinct.

Alongside motion graphics, our video utilised typography and engaging background music, and adhered to the client’s brand guidelines throughout.

For more on CrossCountry, visit its website at:


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