Event Animation

STEAMhouse Animation
Birmingham City University
Our Brief

For this project we teamed up with our friends at Birmingham City University for an event animation that focused on their STEAMhouse project. The aim was to establish who STEAMhouse are, what it is they do at the University and then go on to discuss what they’re aiming to do going forward.

Our Video

Our event animation clocks at around 2 minutes in length as we felt this was the perfect amount of time to get key messages across, whilst keeping the video engaging to watch. After some back and forth with the client regarding the style of the visuals, taking into account their branding and the tone they wanted to go with, we got to work creating a thumbnail storyboard that set out the direction that the animation would be going in.

Storyboards are important for mapping out any video but even more so when it comes to animation. For this project it allowed our animation team to go into physically animating the project with a clear narrative and vision of what it was they were making while giving the client a very good idea of what the finished animation would look like.

Event Animation Storyboard

Once the final visuals for the animation were completed we went about the task of putting it all together to create the video that you can see above. We feel that the fluid movement of what you see on screen makes the video all the more engaging, which is important when showing the video during an online event.

All that was left was to add a professional voiceover and subtitles. It was ready to share with the client, who had this to say about the finished product:

“The video provides STEAMhouse with an excellent way of promoting its future direction to a range of audiences. The communication was excellent, very flexible in terms of amends and updates - all delivered on time and to budget - excellent”

Our animation assassin, Gurpreet, then went onto say this about the animation:

“Working together with Jamie to make this project come alive allowed us to create an animation that flows very nicely. We chose to use icon based graphics that are drawn in with each shot. By adding accent brand colours to compliment the graphics, I feel it added a great dynamic to the animation.”

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