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We joined forces with an innovative currency exchange company for an explainer animation detailing what they do and how they do it!

OUR BRIEF (TMC) is a new scheme offering the very best exchange rates (on the ten most popular travel currencies) in the UK for its members.

Unlike currency exchange institutions on the high street TMC makes no profit from any exchanges – instead running a membership scheme, with no hidden fees, which is ideal for frequent travellers.

With the ability to deliver anywhere in the UK with all deliveries made by fully insured Royal Mail Special Delivery, TMC strives to make the purchasing of currency as easy as possible!

TMC got in touch with us regarding a video which it hoped would help to explain the scheme, and all of its benefits, in an easy to understand and visually appealing manner.


To tackle this brief, we decided that an explainer animation was the right way to go.

Our animation – which you can see above – is a two minute creation which guides the viewer through the initiative step-by-step.

Equipped with background music and a professional voice-over, our animation takes care to detail the numerous benefits of the scheme, and how it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our animation concludes with information about how to become a member of the club, a link to the website, and its tagline – “Exchange smarter. Travel richer.”

Using our explainer animation, we also created a series of shorter versions for the scheme – videos perfect for the company’s social media channels and digital marketing campaign.

For more on the TravelMoneyClub, visit its website at:


Like our video, and feel like an explainer animation of your own would be the perfect method to detail a project, scheme, or initiative that your organisation is running?

If so, drop us a line today or ask us for a quote below!


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