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X2Y Group Bullying Animation
HeadStart Wolverhampton
Our Brief

We joined forces with a programme which supports the wellbeing of young people across the Midlands for a typography animation all about the effects of bullying.

Based in the city itself, HeadStart Wolverhampton is a National Lottery funded initiative which aims to build the emotional resilience and wellbeing of those aged between 10 to 16 years in the region.

It is one of six HeadStart programmes in the UK, beginning life early in 2014 as a partnership of public sector organisations, voluntary and community groups, and young people.

Since those beginnings, the initiative has gone on to provide resilience training in schools to over 2,800 young people, and engaged over 1,000 youngsters in digital activities such as its podcast HeadStart FM.

Our Video

When the team at HeadStart Wolverhampton asked us if we could help them on a project regarding the negative effects bullying at school can have we were more than happy to help!

For this brief we created an animation based on testimony from members of the X2Y Group - a youth group for young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.

As you can see in our video above, we took the group’s comments about how bullying at school has effected them and overlaid kinetic typography (moving text) over the top of their thoughts to really make their feelings stand out to the viewer.

Not only that, our animation team also created a character concept sheet for the animated characters seen in the video, and we topped our effort with some jaunty background music to make it even more engaging to the viewer!

For more on HeadStart Wolverhampton and the work it does in the community, visit its website.

Like our typography animation, and think your organisation could do with one of its own to promote its good work?

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