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We teamed up with a global professional body for an explainer animation it could use at an industry trade show!


Based in the Nottinghamshire town of Beeston, the Institute of Quarrying is an organisation with over 100 years’ experience of serving the quarrying and related extractive and processing industries here in the UK.

Formed in 1917, today the Institute exists to promote the science of quarrying, support career development within the mineral extractives industry, and to assist with the continual improvement of performance within the industry for the benefit of employees, the customers they serve, and the local communities where sites operate.

We were approached by the team at the Institute with a very specific request – could we create an explainer animation for them which could work both with and without audio?


For this project, our animation team got cracking to create the 1:40 motion graphics effort you can watch above.

Our animation was designed to reflect the history of the Institute and its values, as well as the benefits it can offer for those within the quarrying industry thinking of signing up to become a member.

Our video was to be used at a trade show attended by the Institute in June 2018, and so needed to get its message across both with and without audio.

To solve this dilemma, our animation has both on-screen text and a professional voice-over throughout!

Our thanks to the team at the Institute for giving us the opportunity to work with them on this one.

For more on the Institute of Quarrying, visit its website.


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