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Kinetic Typography Video

This promotional motion graphics & kinetic typography video was produced for West Midlands based project iPSS. So what is kinetic typography? Kinetic typography is the combination of motion & animated text. Similar to the study of traditional typography of designing static typographic forms, kinetic typography focuses on understanding the effect time has on the expression of text. Kinetic typography has demonstrated the ability to add significant emotive content and appeal to expressive text, allowing some of the qualities normally found in film and the spoken word to be added to static text. Kinetic type has been widely and successfully used in film as well as in television and computer-based advertising. Perceptual psychology research on attention, reading performance, and comprehension has indicated that kinetic typography can be used effectively to capture and manipulate a viewer’s attention and in some cases improve overall reading performance.

What does the iPSS programme do? The IPSS programme supports businesses through the early stages of developing a new product or process. The programme is specifically designed to support businesses developing:

Environmental technologies
Low carbon engineering and products.
Digital technologies.
Transport technologies.
Medical technologies.
Businesses will initially receive a 2-day review of their proposed product/technology. The results of the review are used to promote businesses with the most viable propositions through to a second phase of the programme that offers 5-days of funded support.
Examples of the funded support available to businesses include:

Product design
Market research.
Intellectual property advice.
App development.
New product development planning.
Electronics development.
The Innovative Product Support Service (IPSS) opened in January 2013 and is managed by the University of Wolverhampton. Delivery of support is undertaken by the West Midlands University Consortium which comprises:

Coventry University.
Keele University.
Staffordshire University.
University of Wolverhampton.

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