QAA Kinetic Typography Video


University of Wolverhampton


Quality Assurance Agency - Kinetic Typography Video

A kinetic typography video produced in partnership with QAA and The University of Wolverhampton to demonstrate the student voice system around quality.

The Quality Assurance Agency for higher education (QAA) checks the quality of teaching, learning and assessment at higher education institutions throughout the UK. QAA conduct reviews which evaluate an institution to ensure the qualifications they provide are of appropriate academic standards. So in short QAA make sure that the university works to standards.

The University validates all new courses and modules to ensure that the standards of the courses you study are set at the appropriate level. A review is carried out every six years on all courses.

External Examiners are appointed to review all modules and courses. They ensure assessment processes and regulations treat all students fairly; and they produce an annual report presenting their findings and recommendations;, These are available to all students via e:vision.

Students are provided with a number of opportunities to voice their thoughts, views and opinions on their studies. a variety of questionnaires and on student forums. These include, the national student survey, internal student survey and module evaluation. These questionnaires highlight any issues or good practice in relation to your course.

You may provide feedback to the University through the Student Voice System which is a partnership between the Students’ Union and the University to ensure students’ views are heard.

Module evaluation questionnaires are completed by all students and are an opportunity to provide feedback on the module’s teaching, management, content and assessment. This gives staff a chance to reflect on the student feedback and make any changes required in an effort to enhance the student experience.

Watch this behind the scenes video of our QAA kinetic typography video to see how the storyboard marries up to the final video.

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