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Our Brief

We were delighted to be approached by a charity leading the fight against homelessness for a motion graphics video regarding one of its innovative services!

For this project our client was The Mayday Trust - an organisation formed in 1976 with the aim of providing accommodation and support to integrate ex-offenders back into the community.

In 2011, however, the organisation changed its focus, after coming to the conclusion that the traditional systems and processes for helping those who had become homeless or were going through similarly difficult times were simply not working.

Instead, these approaches were leading to people either feeling trapped in “the system”, or moved on only to return soon after with a feeling of another failure under their belts.

Rather than trying to “fix a broken system” therefore, the Trust evolved to instead provide a new offering - its Personal Transitions Service (PTS) - an initiative which we were asked to promote for the charity via a motion graphics video!

Our Video

Our video for this project was designed to be at the forefront of the organisation’s drive to convince those in authority that changing the “broken” system was not just viable but imperative.

To reinforce this message, our motion graphics video - which you can watch above - is formed of two halves with a clear distinction between them.

The first half of our animation uses dark backgrounds, harsh music, and powerful pieces of bold text to represent the current system, whereas the new system is portrayed with lighter backgrounds, upbeat music, and more informal typography.

This approach may not be subtle, but we believe that it is effective.

We were thrilled that the team at The Mayday Trust thought likewise and that our motion graphics video was just the thing they needed for their campaign - with Marketing Manager at the Trust Stephanie King describing it as being an “extremely valuable” work for the organisation.

Our thanks to The Mayday Trust for approaching us with this brief. For more on the organisation’s good work, visit its website here.

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