Corporate Motion Graphics Video

"What We Do" Animation
Our Brief

The aim of this corporate motion graphics video was to create an animation so that people can quickly understand how Jobogic’s field service management software can benefit them and show how easily it would fit into their business.

Our Video

This colourful and energetic corporate motion graphics video was made to show the simplicity yet clear power behind Joblogic. The animation utilised Joblogic’s existing branding colour scheme and featured clear bold text throughout to illustrate the key points about the software.

We aimed to demonstrate to field service business owners that the software can streamline their operations by working across mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices simultaneously. This helps companies to minimise their administrative costs as well as maximise their efficiency and profitability.

We supported the customer with scripts and concepts to show how the animation would turn out.

Jamie Cartwight, our “Professional Doodler” and project lead on this corporate motion graphics video had this to say:

“it was nice to work with a large variety of bold colours on this animation. We had to work with real photos and videos and mix it in with animation which was a fun challenge. I feel it has a lovely flow and I am happy with the outcome and the music certainly helps to give it an upbeat and fresh feel.”

Katarina Borovska, Marketing Manager Joblogic said:

“We’ve been working with Stone’s Throw Media for a while now and following a number of customer video case studies, we felt encouraged to go ahead with a product animation video. We knew that the project would be complex as we faced the challenge of introducing our feature-rich software via screenshots in a short, compact video. The final result is great and we’re currently working on adding a voiceover narrative before we slice the original video into a number of shorter versions which can be better repurposed digitally.”

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