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Our Brief

A visually stimulating motion graphics animation was the order of the day when we joined forces with one of the UK’s largest housebuilders!

Redrow has been able to grow as a business since its formation in 1974 partly due to the work of its graduates – young people enrolled on the graduate schemes offered by the firm across the country.

These schemes play a key role in allowing the organisation to continue to deliver award-winning developments, and come with numerous benefits for those signed up to them.

One such scheme offered by the team at Redrow is their ‘Graduate Rotational Programme’ – a 24 month initiative where graduates are given the chance to gain experience in every aspect of the business.

Our Video

We were approached by the team at Redrow to see if we could create a motion graphics animation for them all about the scheme and its benefits!

For this project, our animation team created the 60 second animation which you can watch above.

Equipped with a professional voice-over and background music, our animation takes time to inform the viewer about what the Rotational Programme is, how it works, and its benefits for the young people looking to start their careers with the company.

As you can see in our effort, the Programme offers the graduates the chance to spend the first year gaining experience in six separate divisions of the business, before moving on in the second and final year to specialising in the two of their choosing.

For more on Redrow’s Graduate Rotational Programme, visit its webpage here.

Like our motion graphics animation, and think your business could do with one of its own to promote a scheme or initiative it runs for young people?

If so, we know we can help!

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