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For many people, woodlands and forests are places of beauty – unspoilt idylls where the air is fresh and where all manner of creatures make their homes.

For a group of scientists from the University of Birmingham, however, woodlands aren’t just beautiful – they’re informative, too.

At the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR), a specialist team – led by Professor Rob Mackenzie, the Institute’s director – is using woodland at the Norbury Estate in Staffordshire for a specific purpose.

At the estate they have created several FACE (free-air carbon dioxide enrichment) areas, to assist them in researching two interrelated objectives:

  • The impact of climate/environmental change on woodlands
  • The resilience of trees to invasive pests and diseases

As one of only three such research centres in the world, the site goes a long way to establishing the UK as one of the world’s leaders in forestry research.

For more information on the Institute’s research, visit BIFoR’s website at:

We were approached by Shaylor Group, who have been working on setting up the site, to create a health and safety video for the centre.

In an area of such scientific importance, it is vital that every worker, visitor, and sub-contractor understands the “do’s and the do not’s” when at the site.

Our video (which you can view above) lists the site’s rules and regulations, using motion graphics, animation, and typography, to do it in a visually stimulating yet still informative way.

The health and safety aspect of the video is prefaced by an introduction from Professor Mackenzie, who sets out the Institute’s research and the goals it hopes to achieve.

This was an interesting project to be part of, as it was something a little different to our usual videos.

We had a great time learning about the Institute and their research and look forward to seeing their findings!

If you’re looking for a health and safety video created in a visually interesting and informative manner, we think we can help.

All our contact details can be found right here, so do drop us a line.

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