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We teamed up with the good people at SPEED Plus once again for a motion graphics video showcasing their fantastic record in helping start-up businesses come to life.

Formed in 2012, SPEED Plus is an initiative led by the University of Wolverhampton which assists current students and graduates in setting up and running their own businesses – no matter which sector they choose.

The SPEED Plus project is part-funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and is run in association with four other universities based in the West Midlands, such as Keele University and Coventry University.

Proud of their record of helping companies get up off the ground, SPEED Plus got in touch asking if we could create a video for them that would show off their prowess in a fun and visually interesting way.

As graduates of the programme ourselves, we were more than happy to help, so we created a motion graphics video – which you can see above – to get the job done for them.

Here at Stone’s Throw Media we always like creating motion graphics videos, but we feel that they work particularly well when highlighting positive statistics, such as the ones seen in this video.

It doesn’t matter how fantastic the stats are – if your video showing them off is boring, they’ll never seem impressive!

As such, we worked hard on this video to make sure that the statistics seen on screen were visually appealing, and could hold the viewers’ attention.

We complimented what the viewer can see on screen with a jaunty piece of music, just for an added flourish!

Think a motion graphics video is just what your company needs? If so, we know we can help!

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