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Graphic Animation

We teamed up with a not-for-profit initiative to create a graphic animation which highlighted who they are and what they do.

‘Trading for Good’ is a digital service conceived in 2011 by Kay Allen OBE, a corporate and social responsibility expert.

Based on the philosophy that a successful business is a responsible business, ‘Trading for Good’ assists small-to-medium-sized-enterprises (SMEs) in improving their reputation and growing their business by showcasing the good work they do in their communities.

The initiative seeks to support these companies in five specific areas:

  • Their charitable work (volunteering, donations)
  • Their contribution towards helping young people into work (apprenticeships, work placements)
  • Their positive impact on the environment (recycling)
  • Their attitude towards their suppliers
  • Their working conditions for their employees (a place to work which benefits workers both physically and mentally)

It believes that raising awareness of how well a company is tackling these issues is something that needs shouting about – for the benefit of the business, and for the mindful consumer looking to support an ethical business, too.

For our work with ‘Trading for Good’ we created a graphic animation for them, showcasing what the initiative is about and the positive impact on society it is striving to make.

Our animation – which you can see above – helped to explain these themes in a visually stimulating way, backed by a bespoke professional voiceover in the process.

Our video also touched on the innovative “dashboard” which ‘Trading for Good’ can provide to businesses.

This is a measurement tool which displays the social value the business creates – information which is then spread to a network of businesses, customers, and members of trade.

Trading for Good was inspired by the government’s ‘Every Business Commits’ agenda that encourages British businesses to contribute to society.

The initiative is championed by the Prime Minister’s Advisor for Corporate Responsibility and non-executive Chairman of Trading for Good, Philip N Green.

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