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We teamed up with the University College Birmingham (UCB), for an infographics video detailing some of the reasons why prospective students should choose the institution for their studies.

In recent years, the Higher Education market has become extremely competitive, with colleges and universities competing amongst each other to attract prospective students to their doors.

This is particularly the case in Birmingham, with the nation’s second city boasting a number of respected education providers who are continually looking to recruit students – whether they’re from the region, or from further afield.

UCB are based in the city’s centre, and currently have over 8,000 students – 1000 of which are from overseas – studying there on Higher Education, Postgraduate, and Further Education programmes.

For this project, we created a list of the “Top 10” reasons why students should choose UCB for their studies, and presented them as infographics, backed by some rather jaunty music, in a brief promotional video.

The ten reasons chosen – which you can see in the video above – were:

  • The fact that UCB is a small, friendly, specialised institution
  • The £100m the UCB is investing  in student facilities
  • The ‘buzzing’ city centre campus equipped with modern accommodation
  • The ability for a student to join UCB straight from school at 16 years of age
  • The number of lecturers UCB have with industry know-how
  • The availability of work placements in the UK and overseas
  • The fact that many of the degrees at UCB are accredited by the University of Birmingham
  • The opportunity to learn a language whilst studying at UCB – for free
  • The cultural diversity of the university
  • The excellent student support available for matters such as employability

We chose to highlight these commodities for two particular reasons.

Firstly, we wanted to put ourselves in the shoes of prospective students, and focus on what they’d want to know about UCB when choosing to apply for a place there.

We felt that they’d want to know about the industry experience of their future lecturers, the fact that the college is investing heavily in student facilities, and that the option for excellent work placements were available.

Secondly, we wanted to reflect the diverse and international nature of UCB.

With over 1000 international students from 65 different countries, we felt that it was important to highlight UCB’s cultural diversity, the fact that it’s a friendly, welcoming institution, and that students have the chance to learn a foreign language for free whilst studying there.

We really enjoyed creating, and animating, the infographics for this project. Think our infographics video looks good, and that one of your own would help to promote your business?

If so, we’re sure we can help, so drop us a line – our contact details are right here!

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