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Principles Infographics Animation

What is the best strategy a higher education provider can utilise when providing an effective learning experience to their students?

That was the question that the University College Birmingham (UCB) were trying to tackle when they approached us regarding the creation of an infographics video.

Formed under its current guise of UCB in 2007, the college is based in Birmingham city centre, in the West Midlands, and currently serves over 8,000 students – over 1,000 of which are international students –  on Higher Education, Postgraduate, and Further Education programmes.

Student satisfaction rates are critically important for any higher education provider – both for their enrolled students but also for the college’s future reputation – and the learning experience that the college provides plays a large part in determining how pleased the students are with their institution.

UCB decided to tackle this head on, with a strategy, comprised of seven core principles, to help ensure that the college provides an effective learning experience for their students.

These core principles include:

  • Developing student’s skills
  • Treating them as lifelong learners
  • Constructing an innovative and enterprising curriculum
  • Creating an outstanding learning environment
  • Evidence based reflection of teaching
  • The recruitment and training of staff
  • To support students regardless of their backgrounds

To illustrate these principles, and the strategy as a whole, UCB asked us if we could create an infographics video for them.

We were happy to help, so we highlighted their seven key principles as infographics, with our video also containing typography, a professional voice-over, and a rather jaunty piece of music too!

Our video – which you can see above – came in at just over two minutes long, which we felt was the perfect length for a video of this type.

Like our animated infographics video, and think you would like one of your own? We’re here to help, so contact us today!

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