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The Workplace Animation
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

We were asked to produce an app animation explaining the benefits of a university’s initiative concerning student employability!

For this project our client was the team at the University of Wolverhampton’s ‘The Workplace’ - a hub run by the institution dedicated to supporting its students and graduates in their quest for employment.

The team at The Workplace recently launched its own mobile app designed to publicise the hub’s offerings and act as a platform showcasing best practice for young people looking to prepare themselves for the world of work.

To emphasise what The Workplace does and its benefits, we were approached by the team there for the creation of an animation which was to be embedded into the app!

Our Video

For this effort we opted for the use of motion graphics - a tried and trusted technique used by our animation team when we have a lot of information to impart to the viewer!

In our app animation - which you can watch above - we provide University students with a welcome to The Workplace through the use of jaunty background music, a professional voice-over artist, and bright, vivid, eye-catching colours.

After this welcome our effort focuses on the aspects The Workplace can offer and their tangible benefits - for example, the provision of volunteering opportunities, the offering of experience working on campus, and the sourcing of part-time jobs with companies in the region.

Our thanks to the team at The Workplace for working with us on this project.

For more information on the initiative, please visit the dedicated webpage on the University’s website here.

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