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Infographic Video

We teamed up with our friends at the University of Wolverhampton to create a snappy infographic video which they could use at their Open Days.

For every university, an Open Day is a pretty big thing. It’s the one occasion when prospective students flood through the doors, armed with questions on topics such as what courses are on offer, what makes this particular university different from the others, and – this is the really important stuff – what the local nightlife is like.

It’s also the one occasion where a university can really show off and shout about their achievements – and that’s precisely what we aimed to do with our video.

For this brief, we decided to create an infographic video. In simple terms, this is a promotional video stuffed with visual representations of information – in this particular example, information about the University of Wolverhampton which we believed would be of interest to those prospective students mentioned earlier.

So, we highlighted just some of the many cool things the University want to shout about – such as their high student satisfaction numbers, their continual investment in a wide range of areas, and the opportunities available to their graduates once they enter the big wide world.

We did all this with music and motion graphics in just over 90 seconds – because we know that being bogged down with numbers for a long period of time isn’t what anyone really wants.

You can see our video for the University above.

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